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ZiSMed center for interdisciplinary sexology and medicine, Minervastrasse 99, 8032 Zurich, Switzerland

Sexual Counseling and Therapy

gynecology, obstetrics, family planning
sexual counseling
and therapy

What we offer

The sexological service of ZiSMed is based on the Sexocorporal approach by Jean-Yves Desjardins. It addresses men and women of all ages, adolescents, parents and professionals, and encompasses (in English):

  • Evaluation of your present sexuality with its strengths and its possibilities for enrichment
  • Sexual counseling and therapy for men, women and couples dealing with
    • Erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, problems regarding sexual arousal, pleasure and orgasm, issues around sexual desire, pain during vaginal intercourse, vaginismus
    • Issues regarding sexual phantasies and preferences, as well as sexual orientation and identity
    • Sexual issues around aging, illness and disability
  • Medical sexological examinations
  • Counseling of parents and professionals concerning the sexual development of children

A more detailed list of sexual issues that are addressed at the ZiSMed can be found here.

How to make an appointment

You can call 044 233 30 30 or use this form to make an appointment for sexuel evaluation, counseling or therapy. Please understand that not all our therapists are fluent enough in English for therapeutic work, and that you may have to wait for an opening. There is a possibility of referral to English speaking therapists outside the ZiSMed in case we’re booked.

If you wish an appointment with a particular therapist, you can also get in touch with them directly.

Team Sexual Counseling and Sexual Therapy

These ZiSMed team members offer sexual counseling and therapy in English:

Karoline Bischof

Annette Bischof-Campbell

Ursina Brun del Re

Yvette Plambeck

Dania Schiftan

Sybille Schnorf

Kerstin Vondruska

Our sexologists regularly fulfill requirements of continuing education and supervision of the respective professional associations and of the Institut Sexocorporel International Jean-Yves Desjardins.

Some sexual issues we can help you with

We welcome men…

  • who want to improve their capacity for erection
    • …who lose their erection during intercourse
    • …whose erection isn’t firm enough for intercourse
    • …who can’t reach orgasm during intercourse
    • …who find they need increasingly extreme fantasies or stimuli to get aroused
    • …who experience problems with their erectile function in course of illness, surgery or medication
  • who want to last longer
    • …who can have intercourse only a few minutes before they ejaculate
    • …who ejaculate before or right after of penetration
  • who want to enjoy their sex life more and increase their sexual desire
    • …who just never cared that much about sex
    • …who experience their current sexual relationship as boring or unsatisfying
    • …who aren’t sexually attracted to their partner
    • …who are generally too tired, busy, or distracted for sex
    • …who can only get turned on through very particular sexual scenarios or practices
    • …who experience sex as unpleasant, strenuous, or painful

We welcome women…

  • who want to improve their orgasmic abilities
    • …who’ve never experienced an orgasm
    • …who experience orgasms they don’t find particularly pleasurable
    • …who can reach orgasm alone but not with a partner
    • …who can’t reach orgasm during intercourse
  • who want to experience sexual intercourse without pain
    • …with pain during or after intercourse
    • …with painful intercourse for hormonal reasons (e.g. during lactation, after menopause, or during cancer therapy)
    • …with painful intercourse with medical conditions (e.g. recurring yeast infections, chronic inflammatory diseases such as vestibulitis vulvae syndrome, vulvodynia, consequences of surgery)
    • …who don’t lubricate enough even though they feel aroused
    • …who have strong tension in their pelvic muscles during intercourse
    • …who feel their vaginal opening is too small for intercourse
    • …who can’t have intercourse due to vaginismus (involuntary spasm of pelvic floor muscles)
  • who want to enjoy their sexuality more and increase their sexual desire
    • …who just never cared that much about sex
    • …who experience their sexual relationship as boring or unsatisfying
    • …who don’t find their partner sexually attractive
    • …who are generally too tired, busy, or distracted for sex
    • …who have a marked aversion against sexuality
    • …who experience sex as unpleasant, strenuous, painful or unsatisfying

We welcome…

  • Couples who what to improve their sex life
  • Men and women who want to adjust their sexuality to new life phases (parenthood, illness, aging)
  • Men and women who want to reclaim their body and their sexuality after traumatic experiences
  • Men and women who are insecure in their feeling of gender identity and who want to reinforce their masculinity or femininity
  • Men and women with homosexual orientation who have sexual issues
  • Men and women who have issues with their sexual fantasies and preferences, or with disturbing sexual behaviors
  • Men and women who have issues around sexua fetishes
  • Men and women with disabilities who have sexual issues
  • Parents with questions about the sexual behavior of their children (e.g. self stimulation, development of gender identity)

sexual counseling and therapy team

how to make an appointment

Sexual issues we can help you with

evaluation of your present sexuality

sexual counseling and therapy

medical sexological examinations




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